4. Arriving in operating area fake hublot , patient is lowered from tramway to operating table, and operation is performed in completely sterile surroundings.

5. Medical students watch operation by means of glass dome that excludes them from contact with air in operating room. high quality swiss replica watches

6. Conditioning and sterilizing apparatus supplies germfree air to operating area and outer chambers, keeping slightly more than atmospheric pressure to keep outside air from leaking in.

Germproof Operating Space (Might, 1938)

Germproof Operating Room


BY ADAPTING the assembly-line strategies of a factory, an ultramodern "operating block" created by a leading French professor of medicine will supply hospital individuals with surgical treatment in surroundings as almost germ-free as human ingenuity can devise. An overhead tramway built into the new structural unit conveys the patient via a series of interconnecting rooms where he successively undergoes initial preparations, receives the anesthetic , and ultimately arrives in the operating table. From the moment he enters the very first from the outer chambers, which resemble the air locks of a gas-raid shelter, he's exposed only to sterilized and conditioned air admitted by means of specific ducts. Air pressure throughout the operating block is maintained slightly above the typical atmospheric pressure, in order that no contaminating air from the exterior can leak in replica hublot watches . From a gallery surrounding the circular operating room, healthcare students may possibly watch the surgeon at function by means of a glass dome. Even the operating-room lamps are placed outdoors the dome. The initial on the new operating blocks has been placed on exhibition in Paris, and will later be installed inside the health-related center at the city of Lille, France.

1. Patient arrives in receiving area, which can be not sterilized.

2. Transferred to overhead tramway, patient is prepared for operation in initial sterilized chamber.

3. Nevertheless on tramway, patient receives anesthetic in second sterilized chamber.

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