This Christmas there's a Hoover Cleaning Ensemble for each and every home and house wife. It's the new idea-rug and furnishings cleaner in a single ensemble. Saves her strength -easier to use -made with magnesium, one-third lighter than aluminum. Saves her time-converts immediately from rug to furnishings cleaner. Practical rug adjustment. Handy Cleaning Kit. Electric Dirt Finder. Saves rugs - Hoover's exclusive, patented Constructive Agitation removes nap-cutting embedded grit. Thrills her- with the modern day beauty from the new streamline style by Henry Dreyfuss.


Here ore the three Hoover models - each an incredible worth in its field. Opt for the one that suits your desires as well as your pocketbook.

Hoover Cleaning Ensembles

(30th Anniversary Hoovers with Good Agitation)

New Hoover Model 25 Cleaning Ensemble at a new low cost, illustrated.
Cleaner only $65.00
Cleaning Tools .....$14.50

Hoover One Fifty Cleaning Ensemble with automatic rug adjuster, time-to-empty signal, two speeds.
Cleaner only. breitling replica best .....$79.50
Cleaning Tools.$16.50

Also the low-priced Hoover "300", complete size,
quality built. Cleaner.... a lange sohne .....$49.75
Cleaning Tools best breitling replicas ......$14.50

COMES WRAPPED IN Christmas Cellophane

Pick up your phone-call your major local shop that sells Hoovers. Tell them to send a Hoover man to determine you. He'll handle the whole thing-and see that your Christmas Hoover is delivered inside a handsome cellophane package.

Give Her a Hoover (Dec, 1937)

Nothing says "I appreciate you" greater than a vacuum. Nicely except perhaps a festive plunger or toilet brush.

Though, holy crap these are high priced! In 2014 dollars the middle one would expense about $1,200. Presently that would get you a Dyson that rides on top rated of a herd of Roombas.

Give Her a Hoover
and you give her the best

Nearly 700,000 husbands have offered the Hoover for Christmas

It's the all 'round gift for all of the year 'round, to produce cleaning easier for every lady who owns it.

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